Booking Me Or Working Together

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I am available to make storytelling performances and creativity workshops at schools, festivals and private parties. I can come along with a 5 meter wide bell tent to set up in parks or gardens in case of rain and as I don’t need amplification I can perform in diverse settings though it is important that there be no background noise or distractions. Storytelling is a fragile kind of magic and the attention of the audience is half the act!

I tell original stories in English and I adjust the tone and style depending on whether I’m telling to adults or children or a mix of both. I follow each story with a song on the guitar about the tale the audience has just heard and will typically tell 4 or 5 stories in one performance.

Just drop me a line to talk about prices.



I’m also always looking for interesting visual ways to tell stories – illustrated tales, animations, comics, film, anything that takes storytelling to a new level and incorporates engaging visual media.

So if you draw, paint, animate or film and would like to collaborate, be in touch and let´s see if we can make some magic!

Or feel free to just say hi.




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